Assistant director

  • Organizes and manages with material-financial operation in the enterprise.
  • Replaces the director  regarding  affairs  in the field of material-financial operation
  • Responsible for administering and implementation of legal provisions which regulate material-financial  operation, as well as issued rules by the government, and refer to enterprise operation in this field;
  • Takes direct responsibilities by the director;
  • Prepares financial plans and makes contacts with banks and other financial institutions in providing financial resources, takes on a reliability for due  collection of receivables  and providing resources for settling  of reliabilities;
  • Together with director defines dynamics and schedule of financial resources needed for current operation
  • Together with director creates and takes care of implementation of credit policy of the enterprise;
  • Participates in preparation of economic part of contracts and makes report about degree and dynamics for the realization of the same;
  • Issues orders and recommendations, coordinates operation between subsidiaries, makes assignment of employees, depending on operation needs, scope and quality of performed works gives awards and applies sanctions to employees depending on volume and quality of performed tasks;
  • Gives proposal to director for employment of new persons with appropriate vocational school, depending on volume and operation needs;
  • Prepares and submits reports  for material-financial operation during the year;

Performs other tasks in its field and which are not comprised with this description assigned by the enterprise ‘s director.




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